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December 2008



A.       Official Rules: The rules of the CYO Lacrosse League are those of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). It is imperative that each coach has a working knowledge of the NFHS and MHSAA rules in addition to those rules governing CYO Athletics.
B.       Purpose of these Rules: CYO wishes to stress that scores are not to be run-up by winning teams, and also wishes to emphasize that coaches must make every effort to play as many team members as possible in a given game.
C.       Team Minimum: A team must be able to field the minimum number of players (10) at game time or the game is forfeited.  If a player is ejected, becomes ill or injured and is unable to finish the game, the team may continue with fewer. 
D.      Game Time: Game time is forfeit time.  If one team is not present and ready to play at the time that a contest is scheduled to begin, their opponent may accept a forfeit victory for that contest.  Game officials shall sign the score sheet to verify forfeit.  No official is required to wait beyond the scheduled game time for a team.
E.       Game Length: The game will be composed of four (4) 8 minute quarters with a 10 minute half-time period.
F.       Overtime:
          1.       5/6th Grade: No overtime periods allotted for 5/6th grade games.
          2.       7/8th Grade: 7/8th grade level league games will extend playing time to resolve tie games in league games only (see procedure in National Federation Rule Book).  Sudden death overtime, each team shall play periods of 4 minutes each until a goal is scored.  Non-league contests ending in a tie will not be resolved by overtime play but will remain and be recorded as a tie.
G.       Ten Goal Rule: After a team has obtained a lead of ten (10) or more goals, the coach of
the leading team must enter at least five (5) substitutes, and keep these (or other substitutes) on the field at all times until the score has been reduced to less than a (10) goal lead.  A team that is trailing a game by (10) goals or more in the fourth quarter is required to enter and keep (5) substitutes in the game unless the lead is reduced to less than ten (10) goals.
After the first half, any time the score differential reaches ten (10) or more goals, the clock will only stop for a team timeout, official’s timeout, or an injury timeout. All penalties that occur during a ten (10) or more goal lead will be running time. The Athletic Director and Coaching Staff shall be responsible for adherence to this rule.
A.       Playing Field: Home team must provide a marked field with regulation goals at each end line.
B.       Protective Equipment/Uniform: Complete uniform includes helmet, with face mask and mouth protector, unaltered protective gloves, shoulder pads, shoes, jersey, arm pads (a protective cup is recommended).  
          Goalkeeper shall wear throat protection, chest protection.
          Goalkeeper may wear shin guards, football pants (with or without pads).
C.       Helmets:  Lacrosse helmets must be a protective helmet, designed for lacrosse. All helmets in use must have the NOCSAE stamp of approval.  Both the chin pad and the chin strap must be firmly attached to the mask as designed.
D.      Regulation Lacrosse Ball: The ball shall be of white, yellow or orange solid rubber. The following specifications must be adhered to:
          1.       Weight - 5 and 5¼ ounces
          2.       Circumference - 7¾ and 8 inches
          3.       The ball shall include the NFHS Authenticating Mark.
          4.       Game balls shall be supplied by the home team.
E.       Crosse Dimensions:
          The following specifications must be adhered to:
                   1.       Length - fixed length of either 40 to 42 inches (short crosse) or 52 to 72 inches (long crosse), except for the goalkeeper’s crosse, which may be 40 to 72 inches long.
                   2.       Circumference – crosse handle shall be no more than 3½ inches, the head of the crosse at its widest point shall measure between 6½ and 10 inches, inside measurement, at the top and the bottom of the wall.
                   3.       Goalkeeper’s crosse – May be one crosse 10 to 12 inches, inside measurement at its widest point, at the top and bottom of the wall.  The crosse shall be used by the designated goalkeeper.  The walls shall not be more than 2 inches high.
F.       Uniform Jerseys: Jerseys of opposing teams must be of contrasting colors.  At least one (1) week prior to the game, the home team management shall notify the opponents of their colors; whereupon, the opponents are responsible for avoidance of similarity of colors.  If no such notice is given, the home team must make any required change.
G.      Game Roster: A roster list indicating jersey number and name of each player must be submitted to the opposing coach fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the game.  The list should be prepared in numerical sequence.  A duplicate copy must be submitted to the official assigned to the game.
A.       Pre-Season Practice Length: Practice sessions prior to a team's first game, should not exceed two (2) hours in duration.  No more than one (1) session in full equipment is permitted on any given calendar day.
B.       In-Season Practice Length: Practice sessions after a team plays its first game, league or non-league, should not exceed one and one-half (1½) hours.  No practice involving contact or scrimmages shall be held the day after any scheduled game.
C.       Pre-Season Scrimmage Limit: Each team is limited to one (1) non-intra squad scrimmage session prior to the first scheduled CYO game.  Violation of this one (1) pre-season scrimmage rule will result in the team being declared ineligible for the Division Championship as well as the Parish/School athletic program being placed on probation.
D.      In-Season Scrimmage Limit: Each team is limited to one (1) non-intra squad scrimmage session per week after the first scheduled CYO game.  This scrimmage should not exceed one (1) hour.
E.       Approved Scrimmage Opponents: CYO teams are prohibited from scrimmaging teams that do not adhere to CYO Rules regarding age, grade respectively.  The athletic director and coaching staff shall be responsible for adherence to this rule.
F.       Allowable Games: No CYO lacrosse team may play more than ten (10) games, except those teams playing the CYO Championship game.  Lacrosse season must be completed by the day of the Championship game.
G.      Officials:  CYO will assign MHSAA registered officials for all home games.  All officials shall be paid on the field by the home team, prior to the start of the contest.  A two (2) man crew will be assigned to all games.
H.      Officials Not Present: In the event that the assigned officials are not present to officiate the game(s), participating teams will re-schedule the game(s) with the CYO office after mutually agreeing on date(s) and time(s).
I.       Suspended Games: Games interrupted because of events beyond the control of the responsible administrative authority shall be continued from the point of interruption unless the teams agree to terminate the game with the existing score.
J.       League Standings: The league standings will be computed on the basis of two (2) points for a win and one (1) point for a tie (5/6th grade), and zero (0) points for a loss.  Non-league games do not count in division standings.
K.       Roster Limitations: There is no limit as to the number of players that a team may have.  Additional players may be similarly registered (as per CYO eligibility rules) at any time during the regular season.
L.       Insurance:  Secondary medical insurance is provided for participants for all athletics through the Michigan Catholic Conference.  This coverage has some limitations and is secondary to parent's medical coverage.  This coverage is in effect if the student has no medical coverage.  Information can be obtained through School Principals or Parish Pastors.
A.       5/6th Grade: There are no play-offs for 5/6th grade teams.
B.       7/8th Grade: The CYO will sponsor a play-off tournament at the conclusion of the season for 7/8th grade teams.
C.       Division Tie Breaker (7/8th Grade Only):
          1.       If 2 or 3 teams tie for a division title, head to head game results will determine the division champion.
          2.       If still tied, a play-off game will be held to determine the division champion, time permitting.
                   a.       If Team A beat B, and A beat C, then A will be declared champion.
                   b.       If Team A beat B, and B beat C, and C beat A, then a three-way play-off will be held, time permitting.
  1. The CYO Athletic Department Director determines if a play-off can be held.  A coin flip may be used to determine division champion.
          Violations of CYO rules and regulations shall subject a member Parish/School to any or all, but not limited to, the following: censure, probation with competition, probation without competition, forfeiture, suspension, and expulsion.